Nonmancaaf Swhafugs Documents (Restorationist Papers Effort)

There are three parts to the Nonmancaaf Swhafugs (“Non Opposing, No Marketing Added, Non Compulsory, All Are Free. Simply What He Asked From Us G&S.” – A Summary History For Guide & Standard) proposal. The background history or summary (clarifies its purpose), the guide and standard, and the prayer and answer received.

Nonmancaaf Swhafugs – A Summary History for Guide & Standard

Nonmancaaf Swhafugs – Guide and Standard (~November 22, 2017)

Nonmancaaf Swhafugs – Guide and Standard (Corrected) (December 2, 2017)

Nonmancaaf Swhafugs – Answer & Prayer