Lots Proposal and Others Declare “Work Completed, One Step Remains”

By | December 8, 2017

November 1, 2017 Lots Proposal

As a result of the December 6, 2017 meeting the Lots Proposal declares:

A united people through mutual agreement have clearly spoken. The Lord has accepted our work. The people, by mutual agreement, have risen to the task. The document produced by the seven representatives is agreed upon by those of the covenant who have elected to do so.Source

The “one step” remaining:

We seven desire and have been instructed by the Lord, to reach out to all of those who did not vote. Either our numbers have shrunk since the last major voting rounds (a definite possibility as some may have dropped out or not accepted the covenant), or others have just decided not to participate at all for various reasons. We are now reaching out to them and we would like your help in this endeavor. If you know them, please send them our way. We invite all to continue any dialogue they so desire with us, we are most easily reached through our email. It is anticipated that no further voting or surveys will be needed to fulfill what remains of this outreach assignment.  thesevenlotsters@gmail.com