Flower of Common Principles

The diagram shown above depicts the current status of the collective statement efforts. Each statement is represented by a colored petal in the “flower,” (which can be reached by clicking on a petal). If we consider these petals as different wavelengths of light, (that is, our perception of things) we can gain an understanding of the intersection of the statements of principles. Light is made up of wavelengths of light, and each wavelength is a particular color. The color we see is a result of which wavelengths are reflected back to our eyes. White objects appear white because they reflect all colors.

The center of the “flower” in white represents the principles that all of the statements have in common.  At present this is the Doctrine of Christ.

This is not meant to represent an endorsement of any proposal. It is an objective assessment of where all of the statements (that we have had available to us) currently agree.

At this stage, there is still a lot of creative development of various statements, guides, and standards.  This creates a situation of continual development of the flower.  Any help in moving this forward is appreciated.  Please contact admin@statementofprinciples.com if you’d like to volunteer.

2 thoughts on “Flower of Common Principles

  1. Scott Stover

    This illustrates why I can totally get behind Log’s proposal. It would be fine with me. I just object to the method. Is that prideful?


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