The purpose of this page is to attempt to track all the different proposals that have and will occur. there have been a lot including A LOT of emails. I don’t have permission to publish any of the emails and quite a few things I am sure have become lost or forgotten. If you are aware of any please contact us. If one is empty I either have not found the document or not received permission yet to post it.

Each number represents the inital proposal. Any sub documents the items related to it.


All Updates Below By Scripture Committee (when referenced below) are compiled in the file below in chronological order and an easy to read format.
Scripture Committe Proposals Update Compilation.pdf

  1. February 19, 2017: Original Governing Principles (Jeff Savage) as printed in the first draft of the scriptures.
  2. February 19, 2017: Original Governing Principles With Edits (Jeff Savage) was edited or cleaned up based on a few suggestions (minor edits).
  3. May 4, 2017: Proposal To Have No GP: No Correlation (Facebook)
  4. May 14, 2017: Proposal For No GP: Govern ourselves (A Fellowship – Email). Different people than the May 4 one.
  5. June 6, 2017: Alt Guiding Principles: Another document that was sent in to be used instead of the Original Governing Principles.
  6. June 9, 2017: Doctrine of Christ Fellowship GP: A alternate GP was sent in to be used instead of the Original Governing Principles.
  7. June 10 Governing Principles:
    1. April 30, 2017: Proposal For June 10 Meeting (Scripture Committee)
    2. June 18, 2017: June 10 Meeting Summary (Scripture Committee)
  8. Jul 2 Governing Principles – The Third Knock
    1. June 15, 2017: Jeff Savage Journal Entry – Recap of June 10 Events (Raw!) (Linked in email)
    2. Jun 21, 2017: Proposal For Meeting (Email)
    3. July 2, 2017: July 2 Meeting Finished close to the 3am hour of the next morning (Scripture Committee)
    4. July 11, 2017: July 2 Meeting Summary (Scripture Committee)
  9. April 19, 2017 Alternate 1: Four different alternates were sent into the committee during the past few months.
  10. April 21, 2017 Alternate 2
  11. ~July 24, 2017 Alternate 3
  12. ~July 24, 2017 Alternate 4
  13. ~July 24, 2017: Statement of Principles: Another generic GP was sent in during this time (SOP) which was also voted on (See July 19, 2017 vote proposal) along with all alternates and previous documents for a base text.
  14. July 30, 2017: A Proposal to use the Articles of the Church of Christ (From the Joseph Smith Papers) as the Guide and Standard
    1. July 30, 2017: Proposal was given (Source)
    2. August 3, 2017: After receiving further information the person “repented” or recanted his proposal (Source)
  15. August 5 Guide and Standard:
    1. July 19, 2017: Aug 5 Proposal – GP Is Required Vote For top 2 Favorite (Scripture Committee)
    2. July 24, 2017: Aug 5 Proposal Vote Reminder (Scripture Committee)
    3. July 31, 2017: Aug 5 Base Text Vote Results (Scripture Committee)
    4. Aug 7, 2017: Aug 5 Meeting Summary (Scripture Committee)
    5. Aug 9, 2017: Aug 5 Errors in Document (Scripture Committee)
    6. Aug 13, 2017: Aug 5 Acceptance Vote Results: Proposal For Boise meeting: Votes 487: YES = 91% (441/487) NO = 9% (46/487) (Scripture Committee)
  16. September 3 Meeting & Updates:
    1. Aug 25, 2017: Proposal For Boise meeting (Scripture Committee)
    2. September 29, 2017: Scripture Committee Hands off to Body (Scripture Committee)
    3. October 1, 2017: New Blog For G&S (Scripture Committee)
    4. October 8, 2017: How Jeff Received His Assignment (Scripture Committee)
  17. September 11, 2017 ComeServe Proposal (Jeff Savage & Adrian Larsen)(Source): The criteria for the G&P was defined differently at this point and was one of the reasons given to continue on with this proposal instead of using prior versions. With the answer given in the Answer and Covenant, the Lord had given new criteria or greater clarity. Mutual agreement was defined along with “my people” from the A&C as those who partook of the covenant. Also the word “you” on who should write the standard was clarified to be the covenant people (“my people”)
    1. September 11, 2017: Statements and Principles, Part 1: The Lords Words: (Source)
    2. September 11, 2017: Statements and Principles, Part 2: The Lord’s Requirements (Source)
    3. September 13, 2017: Statements and Principles, Part 3: A Path Forward (Source)
    4. September 20, 2017: Process is Live (Source)
    5. September 26, 2017: Update on the Statement of Principles: This post was an entreaty to keep going and some changes that were implemented in behalf of different comments or concerns. (Source)
    6. September 30, 2017: ComeServe Proposal Clarification (Scripture Committee)
    7. December 7, 2017: Comeserve Principles: This was the date the principles were retrieved from the webpage. (Source)
  18. September 20, 2017: The Restorationist Paper (Source)(Direct):Provides a History of major GP-related events up to this point (from one small group’s view, several of which had participated since the first wide net was cast at the end of April). This proposal was in response to the ComeServe path forward and, believing that the ComeServe approach may have inadvertently curtailed agency and unilaterally redefined terms from the A&C, the paper discussed that there were other ways forward that could also be considered. It supports using the Aug 5 document as the GP.
  19. September 29, 2017: BOM Appeal to Use Majority Vote (Karen Strong)(pdf)(Source)(Direct): A document (using the BOM) was written that mutual agreement should be majority rule instead of 100% agreement
    1. October 7, 2017: The Matter of Majority (Adrian Larsen)(Source): A rebuttal to the idea of Majority by others rule and clarification (given September 29).
  20. October 1, 2017: A Plea For An Original (pdf)(Source): A please to use the Original Governing Principles (Aug 5th) document as the ComeServe document was not the only acceptable document therefore there was another path forward. (Argument given multiple times by others)
  21. October 3 2017: United Proposal:
    1. October 3, 2017: A Proposal on How to Move Forward which proposed implementing “A Committee for Obtaining the Voice of the People”. (This turned into United Proposal)
    2. October 7 , 2017: Authored by Steve Vanleer that included language that united many of the most outspoken voices that have raised issues about our statement of principals.
    3. October 27, 2017: On Steve Vanleer gave voice in support of a revision to the earlier “Proposal on How to Move Forward” that refers to a “body of 7” (in place of a committee) selected through a process of casting lots. This new version is titled “A Proposed Process For Developing A Statement of Principals” and took over the discussion thread of what was the “United Proposal”. The earlier version, “Proposal on How to Move Forward” looks like it has been removed, along with it’s discussion thread.
    4. October 27, 2017: United Proposals Intro Update (pdf) (Source)
    5. October 27, 2017: Guide & Principle-United Proposal (pdf)(Source)(Updated November 8, 2017)
  22. October 5, 2017: Amalgamation of G&S Versions (Anonymous): A document that combines all previous documents. (Source)
    1. October 6, 2017: An explanation for the Amalgamation was given and how it came about. (Source)
  23. October 6, 2017: Request For Prayer Meeting (Paula Hurst, Taylor Child, Karen Strong, Jill Hudson, Lynne McKinley)(Source): A proposal mentioning many proposals already given and asking us to bring our disputes to the Lord.
  24. October 7, 2017: A Simplified Approach (Southwest Utah Doctrine of Christ Fellowship)(Source): A proposal to use the August 5th document as a base text instead of the ComeServe proposal as it reached 90% mutual agreement.
  25. October 7, 2017: LZ’s Salty Fellowship Guide (pdf): Since no agreement could be reached, the fellowship created their own proposal for their own fellowship (not for the body).
  26. October 9, 2017: Adopted By Mutual Agreement: Another plea for the original by a group of people. (Source)
  27. October 9, 2017: Covenant Approach to GP (Source): Since the body already agreed to the covenant someone (or a group) created a GP using the Answer and Covenant.
  28. October 25, 2017: TC’s Post It: A post it was created showing the GP could be easy and simple.
  29. October 27, 2017: Anonymous GP (A Fellowship)
    1. October 27, 2017: Anonymous GP Introduction to Proposal (pdf) (Source)
    2. October 27, 2017: Guide and Standard
    3. November 20, 2017: Gives their support for Lots proposal (Source)
  30. October 28, 2017: The Rock of Jesus Christ – A Statement of Our Principles Proposal (pdf)(Source)
    1. Logs Essay in Support of GP. (Source)
    2. Guide and Standard (Source)
    3. Log dissents from every other proposal “11/27/2017, I hereby formally dissent from each and every G&S proposal pursuant to the A&C both past, present, and future, save one: The Rock of Jesus Christ: A Statement of Our Principles” (Source)
  31. October 29, 2017: Venn (now called Flower) Diagram Proposal: Just a representation of the facts of what has, is, and will occur. This is NOT a GP just a way to track what has happened and common ground.
    1. October 29, 2017: Simple Guide and Standard: In response to the many ideas and finding mutual agreement a “venn” diagram idea was given where all documents that share the same ideas would become the GP. The Simple guide and Standard was created as a sample of what it would look like. Essentially its the Doctrine of Christ and Sermon at the Mount (or the law).
    2. December 1, 2017: Doctrine of Christ only version created.
  32. November 1, 2017: Lots Proposal (Split from United Proposal):
    1. This group consisted of some from the United proposal but was split to not only write a GP using ONLY the scriptures, Answer & Covenant, and PTR but also use the Lot process to select people to write it.
    2. November 1, 2017: One Page Lots Summary Proposal (pdf)(Source)(Direct)
    3. November 1, 2017: Lots Blog Proposal Update (pdf)(Source)(Direct)
    4. November 1, 2017: Full Proposal on How to Move Forward Using Lots (pdf)(Source)(Direct)
    5. November 3, 2017: Vote Requested (pdf)(Source)
    6. November 4, 2017: Why Use Lots? (pdf) (Source)
    7. November 6, 8, 2017: Call To Vote (Source 1)(Source 2)
    8. November 9, 2017: Vote Results: 413 Votes: Yes = 87% (380/437) No = 13% (57/437): (pdf)(Source)
    9. November 9, 2017: Casting of Lots Process (Source)
    10. November 13, 2017: Lots Choosen: (pdf)(Source)
      First Seven: #52 Jack Hinkle #198 Jason Carlson #36 John Webster #44 Doug Larson #186 Jeff Reber #175 Jonathan Dippold #96 Shalyce Woodard
      Second Seven: #38 Kirk Strong #133 David Kay #181 Jeff Brown #32 Adrian Larsen #30 Tausha Larsen #105 Christian Meyer # 62 Jeff Savage
    11. November 18, 2017: Preliminary (draft) Guide and Standard Blog Updated (pdf)(Source) (Alt)
    12. November 18, 2017: Preliminary (draft) Guide and Standard Published. (Document no longer exists, link goes to latest)
    13. November 20, 2017: Updated Preliminary Draft and Status Update (links now go to latest document) (Source)
    14. November 22, 2017: Revised Guide and Standard By Lots (pdf)(Source)
    15. November 22, 2017: Presented to the Lord as 7: Answer received. (Source)
    16. November 23, 2017: Jeff Savage asks others to accept Lots document. (Source)
    17. November 25, 2017: The 7 presented document as requested (Source)
    18. November 26, 2017: Call To Vote For Acceptance and ends the 27th. (Source)
    19. December 2, 2017: Vote Results: 414 votes: YES = 93% (389/414) NO = 7% (25/414) At least 8/25 said they would still move forward (after talking to them). Yes = 96% (397/414) (Source)
    20. December 2, 2017: Final update: A Call To Action and presented to the scripture committee. (Source)
  33. November 3, 2017: Statement of Principles Revised: A person created a simple document using the basic principles that Joseph had used in his teachings.
  34. November 3, 2017: SOP Eternal Progression: Another GP was proposed which takes the ideas of eternal progression and the king follet discourse. (Daniel Campbell)
    1. November 3, 2017: Created using the King Follet discourse as a way to show that its where the restoration left off and should be where we will continue from (instead of the beginning)
    2. November 3, 1017: Eternal Progression (Modern English Version): Re-written in his own words (modern English) to make it easier to understand to those its meant to “inform”.
  35. November 18, 2017: Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs Offered
    1. November 18, 2017: Blog Offer (Source)(incorrectly labeled as “Restorationist Paper Effort – Update”)
    2. November 18, 2017: Prayer In Behalf of G&S – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs (PDF)
    3. November 18, 2017: Offered Guide and Standard
    4. November 25, 2017: A Summary History For Guide and Standard (pdf)(Source)
    5. December 2, 2017: Answer was received November 28th and posted Dec. 2. (Source)
    6. December 2, 2017: Guide and Standard Corrected (pdf)(Source)
    7. December 3, 2017: More received from the Lord in a second part to His Answer (received December 3rd and requested to be posted December 11, as of December 15 not yet posted) (see bullet 42 and 43)
    8. December 3, 2017: Guide and Standard corrected again to finalize the Lord’s additions/corrections; request made on December 13th to scriptures committee to post.
  36. November 18, 2017: A different Idea (not proposal) from One of the Lot Group. One of the original 7, who had to drop out due to health reasons, presented all GP’s to the Lord and wrote the response he received. (pdf)(Source)
  37. November 25, 2017: A Proposal to Bridge the Gap (Source): This proposal was given to bridge the gap between those who wish only to have the DOC versus those who think it should have more to “inform” others.
  38. November 30, 2017: Scripture Committee issues update on the definition of mutual agreement according to Denvers idea when he received that word in the Answer. It was “As between one another, you choose to not dispute.” Also explains why the August 5th document was not taken to the Lord. (Source)
  39. December 3, 2017: Scripture committed issues statement for a final vote on the best document.
    1. December 3, 2017: It is proposed that the best voted on item out of 3 will be accepted and used (Lots document, Aug 5th, and one other written earlier than Aug 5). Others won’t be used because they didn’t meet the criteria as specified in Answer and Covenant. (Source)
    2. December 5, 2017: Committee backs out and gives it back to body until a document has received mutual agreement.
  40. December 7, 2017: Accept “The Rock of Jesus Christ” as the GS and Add the 7 Lotsers Document to appendix: This was not a formal proposal but brought up as a way to bridge gaps. The DOC would be added as the GS, after being open for any input from the assembly to fulfill some peoples definition of “you”, than the 7 Lotsers document could be added to the appendix to further help “inform” others.
  41. December 8, 2017: Lots Proposal And Others Declare “Work Completed, One Step Remains”
    1. December 8, 2017: As a result of the December 6, 2017 meeting the Lots Proposal declares: “A united people through mutual agreement have clearly spoken. The Lord has accepted our work. The people, by mutual agreement, have risen to the task. The document produced by the seven representatives is agreed upon by those of the covenant who have elected to do so.” (Source) The “one step” remaining: “We seven desire and have been instructed by the Lord, to reach out to all of those who did not vote. Either our numbers have shrunk since the last major voting rounds (a definite possibility as some may have dropped out or not accepted the covenant), or others have just decided not to participate at all for various reasons. We are now reaching out to them and we would like your help in this endeavor. If you know them, please send them our way. We invite all to continue any dialogue they so desire with us, we are most easily reached through our email. It is anticipated that no further voting or surveys will be needed to fulfill what remains of this outreach assignment.
  42. December 11, 2017: Request made to Scriptures Committee by the individual who received the Answer to post the Additional revelation given over the Nonmancaaf Swhafugs. The entire labor over the Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs is published on
  43. December 13, 2017: A request made to the Scriptures Committee by the Authors of Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs to post the updated Guide and Standard.
  44. September 16: 2018: Layton conference gave 15 minutes for time for the people to vote upon the lots document as the guide and standard. (Source)
  45. September 29, 2018: The online vote was opened during the conference for those who could not attend in person. (Source)
  46. October 2, 2018: Lots document was accepted as the guide and standard “The Lots document was accepted and sustained as a statement of principles by this people, to be printed in the scriptures. As the original assignment was to write a replacement for D&C 20, this statement will therefore become a section in the T&C. [TC 175]” I don’t have exact numbers but it appeared they said around 8-10 voted against it still. (Source)
  47. October 4, 2018: Answer to the guide and standard was given through Denver Snuffer. (Source)
  48. October 13, 2018: Lords response to the guide and standard was voted on to be added to the TC scriptures (277 for/ 3 against) (Source)