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Governing Principles

The second coming of the Lord is soon upon us and the following information is set forth as guiding principles of governance for all those who desire to gather in communities of faith to worship the Lord, their God.

  • Today, as in times past, all religious organizations have become corrupt through abuse and neglect of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance and baptism). Following His historical pattern, the Lord has acted again to send forth an authorized message of repentance and redemption through Jesus Christ into the world via authorized servants who have spoken with Him face to face.
  • As the scriptures have clearly foretold, a community of refuge and safety (Zion) will shortly be established by those who will listen and respond to the message of repentance now being broadcast globally. The test is pass/fail and is the same in every generation. Those who will awake, arise, and act upon this message, will be saved from the coming judgments and calamities scheduled to spill out upon the world. However, those who choose to remain in a state of apathy and unbelief have no promise of protection.
  • Repentance is primarily defined as the act of gaining light and truth. It means turning from whatever it is that is occupying your mind and your time and facing the Lord, making the search for a personal relationship with Him the highest priority of your life.
  • Regardless of which religious faith people of the world currently identify with, the Lord has commanded all believers everywhere to witness their repentance and acceptance of the Doctrine of Christ by the ordinance of baptism, just as he has done in every dispensation of the gospel when He has set His hand to accomplish the work of the Father.
  • So that there are no disputations among believers, baptism should be conducted in living waters as clearly set forth by the Lord in the scriptures (3rd Nephi 11) by one having authority to administer the ordinance. If a man desires the authority to baptize, he must be ordained to the priesthood by one who has likewise been ordained and petition the heavens to receive it by the voice of God directly. A record of the baptism should be kept individually in journals and recorded by a central recorder nominated among believers.
  • On account of the conditions of the fall of Adam, priesthood ordinances such as baptism and administration of the sacrament are limited to men until after the return of our Lord in the millennial era. Ordination to the priesthood can be reckoned through lines of authority established prior to April 14, 2014, the date in which the Lord removed any claims of any church to lead by virtue of the priesthood. Lines of authority for ordinations to the priesthood after April 14, 2014 should reckon only from the date of his ordination in this new dispensation.
  • Due to the historical abuse of men in connection with the priesthood, the Lord has mandated that only women are allowed to vote in both sustaining and releasing men from their public service. If a man desires to officiate in the priesthood outside of his family unit, a council of 7 women must approve of the candidate and if the man has a wife, she must be included in that council. Additionally, if a man is found guilty of transgression and it is proposed that he be released from public service, a council of 12 women should be convened and furnished with witnesses as circumstance and wisdom suggest.
  • In preparation for the gathering of Zion, like-minded believers should meet together often to partake of the sacrament and teach one another the gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the scriptures. There is to be no hierarchical structure within fellowships and a spirit of equality should permeate all that takes place. The responsibility of parents to teach their own children the principles of the gospel is nondelegable and commanded by God.
  • The ordinance of the sacrament should be conducted in a solemn environment with the utmost respect. The emblems of the body and blood of Christ were intended to draw your mind both to the atonement of our Lord as well as the parable of the wedding feast in which all who are worthy are invited to partake. Use red wine or grape juice as the emblem of the blood of Christ and kneel with each other during the ordinance whenever possible.
  • Conferences of believers, both local and general, can be called at any time through the direction of the Spirit as a means of expanding circles of love and friendship. Men and women should coordinate together and take an equal part in conducting fellowship meetings and conferences.
  • The image of God is male and female and it is the intent of the Father to preserve marital unions between one man and one woman into the eternities. Therefore, couples should proceed together in all things as they establish a house of God that will mirror on earth what is found in heaven.
  • We are commanded in the scriptures to pay tithing. Families and fellowships should collect and distribute tithes to the poor among them using the principles of common consent and transparency as their guide. Although all should participate in tithing discussions among contributors, women are naturally sensitive to the needs of others and are usually best suited to administer relief directly once a decision has been reached. As a means of preparation only, excess tithing funds may be donated toward the future building of a temple in Zion through one of several avenues which have recently been set up for that purpose. Likewise, individual families and fellowships may wish to establish their own temple funds as they see fit.
  • In fulfillment of prophecy (3rd Nephi 21) God is once again offering a covenant of protection and peace to any and all who desire to be identified with the remnant of Jacob as His people. As a sign that the times of the Gentiles are now fulfilled and that the work of the Father in the last days has commenced, a new edition of the holy scriptures is being made available to the world which both returns the record to the state in which Joseph Smith left them and adds several key documents in connection with this dispensation. These things are of profound worth to the entire world and all those who believe that the Lord has again set His hand in our day to gather His people should make preparations and act with prudence as their conscience and the Spirit of God dictate.

The above topics are explained in clarity and specificity through a ten part talk (40 Years in Mormonism) delivered by Denver Snuffer, Jr. in 2013-2014. This entire lecture can be found online in various text, audio and video formats at no cost. This “strange act” was designed by the Lord to preserve the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith and set the stage in preparation for what is now unfolding one small step at a time. For those who can wait upon the Lord, the promised blessings of Zion are about to be fulfilled.

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