Eternal Progression (Modern English Version)

November 3, 2017

Eternal Progression – Statement of Principles in my own words:

God exists. The glory of God is intelligence, in other words Light and Truth.

God is not playing games with mankind. We do not exist simply for his entertainment. We are engaged in THE epic struggle between good and evil. We are given the choice to increase in light and truth or wane into darkness and entropy. By receiving light and truth into ourselves we expand our minds and become Gods, not simply like God or to live with God in the afterlife but ultimately we become precisely what He is, a self-existent, glorious God.

This is the great secret: That the Most High God himself was once in a state of lesser light, truth and glory just like we are now. He is an exalted man and He now sits enthroned in the highest heavens and he has all glory, light, truth and intelligence. He exists outside of time in a place where all things are before him past, present and future. It is like a sea of flame and crystal.

If the veil were drawn back today and if The Great Father God were to make Himself visible to us we would see that he has the form of a man like us, for as the record explains Adam was created in the very form, image and likeness of God just as Eve was formed in the image of The Great Mother Goddess. Adam received instruction from God and walked and talked and conversed with him just as you and I would talk with one another.


The first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to know and not merely believe these things; to know the character of the Most High God, to know the attributes of his being, to know the path that he took to progress to become as He is, to know that we can and must converse with him as one man speaks to another and that God, the Father of us all, was once like us and dwelt in an existence similar to ours just as His son Jesus Christ did.

This is life eternal: to know the only wise and true God.

We must learn to to be Gods ourselves. We do this by going from one small degree to another, from a small capacity to a great one, from grace to grace, from exaltation to exaltation. Ultimately we must obtain the power of life within ourselves so that we can overcome death and gain the capacity of dwelling in everlasting burnings, to sit in glory as do all those who have attained such cosmic power.

When you climb a ladder you begin at the bottom and move upward step by step, rung by rung. So also it is with the principles of the gospel. We must start with this first great principle and go onward until we learn all of the principles of exaltation. It is not all something that man can comprehend in this one life. It will be a great while after we have passed from this sphere till we have learned all we must.

Because of the rebellion of the caretakers of this world, this world has been cut off from the heavens. It is in intense darkness. Not everyone who is here has acquired the same amount of light and truth nor do they all come from the same place of glory. However we all come here having forgotten everything and we all have the same potential. In order to re-acquire what had previously and continue onward we must understand our heritage. We must understand who we are. We must understand specifically and individually why we are here. To learn these things we must converse directly with God who is capable of saving us from this state of darkness. And we must believe that he can do so and follow his instructions in order to move on.

The ordinances of the gospel are symbolic rituals designed for teaching these basic principles. The initial ordinances that guide us on this path are first Baptism by immersion with the hope of the receipt of the Holy Ghost and secondly The Lords Supper with the intention of communion directly with Jesus Christ.